Group for the Territorial Development (GEDETUZ)

Strategic Area:

GEDETUZ (University of Zaragoza Study Group for the Territorial Development) is a consolidated research group, recognized by the Government of Aragon from 2003, which aims to provide advanced knowledge of the current situation, development and dynamics of the territories and landscapes, local and rural, from both a sectoral and integrated approach in the framework of European, national and regional policies.

It is their purpose, likewise, to design or evaluate development proposals for these areas and to give advice on development issues, taking into account the socioeconomic structure, endogenous resources, quality of life and environmental characteristics. The search for the environmental sustainability, equal opportunities and the improvement of the situation of women and youth are other important hallmarks of the work by this group.

Research Lines:
  1. Farming systems: Evolution and impacts on rural development.
  2. Agribusiness and other local industries: Structures, embeddeness both at local and global levels, impacts on local development, network and other analysis methods.
  3. Population and rural settlement issues: social capital, human resources and labor market, from local to regional scales.
  4. Communications and services, as key issues related to quality of life, socio-economic competitiveness and global relations of the territory.
  5. Tourism and rural tourism: impacts on the local environment and on the socio-economic development.
  6. Two issuesare going across these all research lines: environmental sustainability and equal opportunities of development for women and young people.
  • The design of methodologies for the analysis and diagnosis of the geographical accessibility to local services in areas of low population density.
  • The assessment of the territorial impact of LEADER programs
  • Consultancy services to local public bodies.
  • Collaborative agreements with social institutions.
Facilities and equipment:
  • Standard computer equipment, including data processing, drawing and mapping (GIS) software. Group receives technical support by “Laboratorio de Técnicas Históricas y Geográficas de la Universidad de Zaragoza”
  • Archives of maps, aerial photographies and satellite images.
  • Bibliographical resources and specialized library collections
Technological Offer/Services:
  • Local and rural planning studies
  • Consultancy on local and rural development

Dr. Ana Castelló Puig
Head of group

Dept. of Geography and Land Management

Faculty of Phylosophy and Literature

Other members