Studies on Spatial Planning Group (GEOT)

Strategic Area:

The “Studies on Spatial Planning Group” (GEOT) was created in 1998, and since then, its main objective has been the promotion of applied research and its transfer to public and private sectors. Thanks to its multidisciplinary and cross-orientation the group has developed more than 30 projects in collaboration with public and private companies in a wide range of thematic and territorial areas. It has also created a network of cooperation that transcends the boundaries of the Aragón region

GEOT has been recognized since 2006 as an consolidated applied research group recognized by the Government of Aragon, and is a part of the Institute of Environmental Sciences (IUCA) in the area of Territory. The GEOT has two topics of research:

  • Basic research, which is focused on methodological and technical developments, the development of mathematical models for spatial analysis, the use of geographic information systems, or the proper use of mapping tools and other information systems.
  • Applied research, based on the basic research, which offers practical and innovative solutions that meet the demands of projects in thematic areas such as population, territorial analysis, urban planning, public health, or the study of infrastructure and equipment.
Research Lines:

The projects are linked to territorial management and the analysis of social, health, transport infrastructure, public facilities, and problems of unsustainability and social segregation, economic and environmental patterns associated with the expansion of cities. The intensive use of mathematical models and spatial analysis tools such as geographic information systems, healthcare information systems, or thematic maps have provided scientific basis for the recent projects of the group.

GEOT members are working on five major areas of research:

  • Dynamic and territorial structures, focusing on the analysis of urban spaces, organization and levels of spatialization.
  • Infrastructure and information networks, through three projects for the accessibility of land routes, territorial restructuring of cities and their productive activities in Spain
  • Social, economic, political and cultural integration, through the study of the distribution of equipments and services in the cities, social inequality and analysis of the population.
  • Public Health, two research groups have asked GEOT to analyze the variability in clinical practice in Aragon, and the use of the accessibility to hospitals as an indicator for analyzing the variation in medical practice in the Spanish hospital system.
  • Mathematical applied developments and experimental cartography. Among the strengths of the group is the development of spatial indicators for population and infrastructures analysis, and high quality thematic mapping, well known in leading research centers like the Geovista from the Pennsylvania State University, or the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Solidarités, Societes, Territoires from the University of Toulouse-Le-Mirail.

The group has worked on all scales

Facilities and equipment:

The infrastructure from the Department of Geography is available for the members of the group (6 computers, two laptops, three laser printers, and a printer ink jet

Technological Offer/Services:

The offer of this group would be oriented on the following services:

  • Dynamic structures on environmental unsustainability of the urban growth model:

    • Territorial dynamics to urban and environmental unsustainability of urban growth model is the responsible of the analysis of settlements as complex systems looking for connections between social organization and spatial form.
    • Strategic plans and the border east of the city of Zaragoza.
  • Infrastructure and networks focusing on the analysis of communication networks. In addition to the modeling of road networks and high-speed rail to Southern Europe, analyzes the changes in accessibility and the pattern of urban settlement at the municipal level.



Dr. Ángel Pueyo
Head of Group

Dept. of Geography and Land Management

Faculty of Phylosophy and Literature