International Scientific Advisory Committee

The Institute has an International Scientific Advisory Committee composed of leading scientists and technologists whose mission is to ensure the relevance and usefulness of the research and development of projects. Currently the Committee consists of the following members:


  • Dr. Rafael Gómez-Lus – University of Zaragoza


  • Dr. Fabio De Rensis – University of Parma. Italy
  • Dr. Johannes B. Ries – Universität Trier. Germany
  • Dr. Ralph Sturgeon – Nacional Research Council. Ottawa. Canada
  • Dr. Régis Guillaume – Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail. France
  • Dr. Rick Russo – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Berkeley. USA
  • Dr. Robert F. Smith – University of Liverpool. England
  • Dr. Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira – St Francis Xavier University, Canada