Rodenas and Peracense will be the protagonists of Geolodía 2022 in Teruel

(Zaragoza. Thursday, May 5, 2022). Next Saturday, May 7, the municipalities of Rodenas and Peracense will host the celebration of Geolodía 2022 in Teruel, which will offer an immersion experience in the red landscape of the rodeno. The Geolodía is the largest Geology dissemination event in Spain, which was born in Teruel in 2005 and quickly spread to all the Spanish provinces.

The activity of this edition in Teruel will consist of two routes on foot of low difficulty: one of 3 km to the east of Rodenas, ascending to the Morrón Blanco pass, and another perimeter around the castle of Peracense, of approximately 1 km. These itineraries will allow us to observe and understand the origin of the rock known as rodeno, the reason for its color, its geological history over millions of years, the peculiarities of its modeling by erosion and its landscape value. All this will be placed, in turn, in the context of the general evolution of the relief in the transition from the Sierra de Albarracín to the Jiloca depression.

The meeting point for people who wish to attend is the Fuente de la Isilla picnic area, at the entrance to Rodenas, at 9:45 a.m. Attendance is free and free, it will be done with private means of transport and does not require prior registration. Those who wish to extend it with tourist activities in the area can visit the Peracense castle in the afternoon or follow the suggestions on the Albarracín Tourism website.

The activities are organized by professors José Luis Simón and José Luis Peña, researchers from the Environmental Sciences Research Institute (IUCA) who have a long history of studies throughout the province of Teruel, belonging to the departments of Earth Sciences and of Geography and Territorial Planning of the University of Zaragoza, as well as by the Institute of Turolenses Studies. The Association of Tourist Entrepreneurs of the Sierra de Albarracín and the Rodenas City Council, among other entities, collaborate.

Geolodía 2022 in Aragon

Within the framework of the Geolodía, coordinated by the Geological Society of Spain (SGE), geological tours open to all audiences, in all Spanish provinces, have been organized during the weekend of May 7 and 8. These tours will allow us to discover the close relationship between Geology and our daily lives. We will be able to dive in a sea from hundreds of millions of years ago in Córdoba, visit an elephant cemetery in Ciudad Real, or discover the importance of the soil for the taste of wine in Navarra.

In Aragon, the Geolodía Zaragoza will analyze in this edition the urban center of Calatayud from the eyes of geology, through four excursions throughout the day (10am, 11am, 4pm and 5pm), with the aim of highlight the special geological interest of the town for its ability to adapt to the environment, its topography, generating different uses and construction styles.

In the province of Huesca, the activity will take place in “Los Estanys d’Estaña”. From the hand of geologists and geologists, attendees will be able to appreciate the geological heritage that exists in Estaña. They will reveal the secrets of nature that for millions of years has been creating the landscape that you see. And the role of the subsoil, which provides the minerals that human beings have learned to exploit for their benefit.

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