X edition of the José Mª Savirón Award for Scientific Dissemination

(Zaragoza. Monday, July 18, 2022). The Faculty of Sciences of the University, in collaboration with numerous scientific institutions and entities, has convened the X edition of the José Mª Savirón Award for Scientific Dissemination, which recognizes initiatives to bring scientific and technological culture closer to society.

This award, which bears the name of an eminent scientist and exceptional teacher, is awarded to individuals, associations, entities or institutions that have distinguished themselves by a project, specific activity or outstanding career in bringing scientific culture closer to society. .

In the evaluation of the proposals, the quality of the work, project or trajectory will be taken into account; the ability to disseminate scientific content rigorously, extensively and clearly; the relevance, opportunity and social and educational repercussions and those projects that generate permanent work dynamics and with continuity over time will be especially valued.

Image: University of Zaragoza

Up to two prizes may be awarded, one in the category “Award for Dissemination Career” and another in the category “Award for Young Disseminators” (born in 1987 and later), depending on the quality of the applications received. Additionally, the possibility of awarding ex-aequo prizes is contemplated in the event that the Jury deems it so. The prizes in each category have an economic endowment of €1,000. In addition, an accrediting diploma and a commemorative reason will be delivered. Any of the categories can be left empty, if the jury so considers it. The names of the candidatures that have not been awarded will not be announced.

Presentation of the candidatures
Applications may be submitted, by reasoned proposal, both personally and by Scientific Societies, Professional Associations, Academies of Sciences, Institutions and Entities related to training, dissemination or scientific research. The candidatures and all the associated documentation must be sent, until September 30, 2022, in electronic format to the email decanoc@unizar.es under the subject: José Mª Savirón Prize for Scientific Dissemination. For more information, you can contact the Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the Prize at procien@unizar.es.

The award, organized by the Faculty of Sciences, has the collaboration of numerous scientific institutions such as the Zaragoza City Council; College of Opticians-Optometrists of Aragon; Official College of Physicists in Aragon; Official College of Geologists in Aragon; Official College of Chemists of Aragon and Navarra; Professional College of Biologists in Aragon; Delegation of the Higher Council for Scientific Research in Aragon; Zaragoza Knowledge Foundation; Institute of Nanoscience and Materials of Aragon; Institute of Chemical Synthesis and Homogeneous Catalysis; University Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences of Aragon; University Institute of Mathematics and Applications; Royal Academy of Exact, Physical, Chemical and Natural Sciences of Zaragoza; Royal Spanish Mathematical Society; Local Section of Aragon of the Royal Spanish Society of Physics; Territorial Section of Aragon of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry.