Chemical Science and Technology

Coordinator: Dra. M. Peña Ormad (

This area is constituted by two research groups in Chemistry, the "Water Quality and Treatment Group", located in the School of Engineering, and the "Analytical SPECTROSCOPY and sensors group", at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Zaragoza. These two groups have more than 40 researchers including 14 permanent professors/researchers.

The research topics of “Water Quality and Treatment Group” are focused on the study and development of methodologies for the characterization of hazardous substances, regeneration, cleansing and general treatment of natural and waste waters, with an applied approach to the resolution of problems of great interest in this area.

The research of the "Analytical Spectroscopy and Sensors Group" focuses on the development of methodologies and analytical techniques in the field of Nanoscience and Environmental Nanotechnology (Nanometrology) with special emphasis on methods and analytical techniques for chemical and functional speciation in aqueous pseudo-multiphase (ecosystems) media of natural and engineered nanoparticles, and in the field of nanostructured sensors with the development of new biorecognition processes (immuno and aptasensors), electrochemical transduction and signal processing in the field of in situ determination of environmental parameters, contaminants in food and clinical analysis.