“Questions, answers, actions against climate change” Multicampus event on the Day to Fight Climate Change

(Zaragoza. Tuesday, October 10, 2023). At this time, almost no one doubts that more knowledge, more reflection and, above all, more committed action are necessary in relation to Anthropogenic Climate Change. For this reason, on October 24, International Day against Climate Change, the university community of the University of Zaragoza will continue to advance in these aspects in the multi-campus event “Questions, answers, actions against climate change”, promoted by the Secretariat of Sustainability and Agenda 2030 of our university (Vice-Rectorate of Planning, Sustainability and Infrastructure) in close collaboration with the University Institute of Environmental Sciences (IUCA), the UNIZAR mOtivaD@S Network and the Green Office.

This activity, open and participatory for the entire university community, will be held synchronously from all Campuses of the University of Zaragoza, with the aim of facilitating the active participation of students, PDI and PTGAS from the different campuses.

A participatory training workshop has been designed that consists of the following stages:

1st Stage of reflection: stop to think critically and reflectively about what Climate Change entails: what we know about its causes, consequences and possible actions to stop and mitigate it. We will evaluate and propose actions that we as a University Community and as citizens could carry out.

2nd Registration on the UNIZAR Events Platform, where we will be able to propose:

Questions or doubts about Climate Change (they will be answered in the Workshop)
Proposals for actions that should be promoted by the University of Zaragoza in different areas:
Management of the different centers and campuses
Social commitment
3rd Training Workshop on Climate Change – PHASE 1: (October 24 from 12:30 to 1:40 p.m.). Experts from the IUCA Research Group on Climate, Water, Global Change and Natural Systems will respond in a didactic manner to the main questions asked by the University Community. All the headquarters of the different Campuses will be connected by videoconference to listen to the research team.

4th Participatory Workshop on possible UNIZAR actions in the face of Climate Change – PHASE 2: (October 24 from 1:40 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.). Based on the action proposals received, to which actions already underway will also be added, a participatory dynamic will be carried out simultaneously in each of the campus locations. It will be guided by those responsible for the mOtivaD@S Network through a Kahoot prepared by the Green Office.

5th Preparation and subsequent dissemination of a report with the analysis of the questions and participatory dynamics on possible UNIZAR actions against Climate Change. An analysis will be carried out of the entire University Community that has participated, at the same time the corresponding more sectoral assessments will be made by Campus, Centers, Degrees and Units/Services.

In the certainty that these themes have a collective dimension, great assistance would be advisable. We encourage teachers of the different degrees to participate with students of subjects in which attendance is viable, as well as the PDI and PTGAS individually. All people who attend the workshop in person will receive a certificate of participation.

More information and registration*

End of registration: Friday, October 20, 2023

*Important: when registering you must select the Campus where you will attend in person. Registration for each venue will close when capacity is complete.