Environmental Laws and Economy

Coordinator: Dr. Antonio Embid Irujo (aembid@unizar.es)

The environmental laws and economy area of IUCA is currently made up by two research groups. On the one hand, the group “AGUDEMA (Water, Right and Environment)” based on the Faculty of Law and led by Dr. Antonio Embid, and on the other hand, the group “Public Economy”. It’s based on the Faculty of Economics and Business and led by Dr. Julio Lopez. Both groups integrate a total of 25 researchers. The specialists in this area are mainly lawyers and economists.

The area aims at analyzing the environmental aspects from this double perspective. Specifically, the legal analysis focuses on research into national and supranational regulation of environmental sectors (with special attention on water and public properties). In the context of environmental economy, the area works on the analysis of environmental taxes, the economic impact of the environmental policies, and the process of decentralization of environmental public services.