The Government of Aragon awards the 2022 Aragon Environment Award to the geologist José Luis Simón

(Zaragoza. Friday, June 3, 2022). The Government of Aragon has delivered this Friday, June 3, the Aragon Environment Award 2022 to José Luis Simón, professor of Dynamic Geology at the University of Zaragoza and researcher of the GEOTRANSFER group.

With this award, the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and the Environment wanted to recognize his career, which brings together a set of values ​​in defense of the Earth, both in his scientific and university work and in bringing society closer, in a simple and understandable, very complex environmental problems.

“He is an example of permanent commitment to conservation through all his outreach work with articles, conferences, documentaries, books, interpretation centers and music editions,” said the general director of Climate Change and Environmental Education, Carlos Gamarra. “Likewise, we wanted to recognize their commitment and constant support to the groups that work in the defense of the territory and for sustainability, as well as their work for the revaluation of the landscape and its geological structures and their meaning, making them attractive and affordable for teaching and tourism”, he added.

The Professor of Geology, José Luis Simón together with the Minister of Science, University and Knowledge Society, Maru Díaz. Government of Aragon

The Aragón Television journalist Eduardo Lolumo was in charge of presenting and promoting it, while the musical performances were carried out by the renowned Aragonese singer-songwriter Cuti. In addition, the Department has presented a video that briefly reviews the development of Aragonese self-government in environmental matters since the signing of the Statute of Autonomy, which this year marks the 40th anniversary.

In addition to the Aragón Environment Award 2022, there were three more modalities to recognize the contribution to the rural and urban environment, as well as the work on environmental knowledge and dissemination.

All of them received a work by the author Miguel Molet, Albelda’s original Aragonese master, renowned for his work in contemporary ceramics.

The Aragón Environment Award for its contribution to the rural environment went to the Luco Jiloca Energy Cooperative, the first citizen initiative in Aragón. This makes it a pioneering project also at the national level. Self-managed administratively, technically, legally and financially by the promoters and promoters of the idea, it involves the implementation and development of initiatives that stimulate and generate future opportunities in rural areas of depopulated or uninhabited Spain.

In this edition, the Aragón Environment Award for its contribution to the urban environment has been awarded to the Huesca City Council, for its Biodiversity Islands project: Biological control for conservation as a strategy for urban naturalization in the capital of Alto Aragón, which aims to achieve the balance of the urban ecosystem so that biological control is developed mostly by conservation.

The Aragón Environment Award for contribution to knowledge and environmental dissemination was shared by Carlos Pérez Naval from Calamo for his work Aves de España. Identification Photographic Guide, one of the best bird photography guides in Spain; and the Colegio Odón de Buen, in Zuera, for transforming the schoolyard into a playful, educational and inclusive space, as well as sustainable. The jury determined that both candidates were worthy of the award.

Family photo of the winners. Government of Aragon