The informative comic ‘The guardians of Montearagón’ recovers the history of the Huesca castle

(Huesca. Saturday, June 4, 2022). The Huesca Book Fair hosted this Saturday, June 4, the presentation of the informative historical comic ‘Los guardianes de Montearagón’. Its authors, Unizar professor Lorenzo Mur and cartoonist Moratha participated, together with the president of the Association of Friends of Montearagón Castle, Antonio Turmo, in this act that is part of the Huesca Campus program at the Fair. The presentation tent of this cultural event in the Plaza Luis López Allué, was the stage where it was celebrated from 8:00 p.m. The Teruel publishing house Acrótera has published this work with the collaboration of the Argos research group of the Aragonese public university, dedicated to geographical, historical and heritage education.
Making young people and society in general aware of the value of the castle-abbey of Montearagón, and raising awareness of the need to conserve this heritage and historical element, is one of the objectives set by its authors with this volume. Along with the comic, it includes a summary of the evolution of this enclave, from 1085 to the present, and a set of images that illustrate it. Anecdotes and historical information are combined in this work that covers the main milestones of his career and the transformations of this building.
A gang of two girls and two boys are the protagonists of this comic, in which a mysterious character will guide them in the discovery of Montearagón, its more than 900 years of history and the role it has played in its surroundings.
The part dedicated to the history of the castle and the selected images -from a virtual reconstruction of the crypt to photographs from the early 20th century and the civil war, passing through the watercolors of Valentín Carderera- complete the narration.

More about the comic

The Huesca Campus will present, also within the Huesca Book Fair, two publications dedicated to comics published by Presses of the University of Zaragoza. They are ‘The Spanish comic of democracy. The influence of comics in contemporary culture’, by Julio A. Gracia Lana, and ‘Drawing stories. The comic beyond the image’, which is also signed by this author together with the researchers Laura Ruiz Cantera and Ana Asión Suñer. The three and the Huesca communicator specialized in this genre Cristina Hombrados will participate in this act that will take place on Saturday, June 11, at 8:00 p.m., in Plaza Luis López Allué.