Land Studies

Coordinator: Dr. Juan de la Riva (

Currently the strategic area Land Studies consists mostly of geographers (Department of Geography at the University of Zaragoza), even though the transversality of the research carried out allows the integration of members of related areas (Biology, Geology, Ecology, ...) and other areas such as Biostatistics, in the case of spatial analysis of different variables, indicators ...

The goal of all research groups that make up this area is to analyze the territory from different approaches, both in terms of content and the use and development of a diverse range of methodologies, covering environmental studies with a transversal and integrated character.

The different approaches to research in this area are:

  • The analysis of variables and environmental processes in the territory and the offer of practical and innovative solutions that meet the demands of projects in thematic areas such as population, territorial analysis, urban planning and health, regional development policies, production systems, territorial social issues, environmental issues related to the natural environment (fire, erosion ...), climate analysis and dynamic and response of natural systems, environmental reconstructions from geomorphological studies ...

  • The methodological and technical development researching on mathematical models for spatial analysis.

  • The use and application of geographic information technologies, GIS and remote sensing as tools for analysis, diagnosis and offer solutions to environmental problems.

  • The correct handling of mapping tools and other information systems according to the lines of work applied.