Heritage and Museum of Paleontology

Strategic Area:

The Heritage and Museum of Paleontology is a consolidated research group, recognized by the Government of Aragon, and currently formed by 7 members. Its activity is focused on the promotion of actions related to R & D from those sites with presence of invertebrate fossils and flora of international scientific relevance located in Arag贸n, in the fields of paleobiology (testing of new forms of life), biochronology (reference sections of geological epochs, ages and geochronological interval limits), paleoecological models (climate changes, global events and causes) and evolutionary models (phylogenetics, mass extinctions, and selective changes).

Research Lines:
  1. Origin and diversification of multicellular organisms during the Precambrian-Cambrian transition in Spain. Scientific and museological aspects.
  2. Paleogeographic and paleoclimatic changes in northern Gondwana during the Ordovician.
  3. Jurassic of the Iberian Range.
  4. The Mesozoic paleofloras in Aragon.
  5. Geological Heritage
  • The group is part of the Institute of Environmental Sciences (IUCA) and performs tasks related to museum activities. It produces a continuous research of international quality, as shown by their publications in journals of high impact and the recognition at international level of a large number of its members.
  • Researchers have leaded ten research projects financed by public funds in the last five years.
  • The number of publications listed in curricula exceeds five hundred, forty of which are books. More than sixty papers have been published in journals included in SCI during the last five years.
  • The group collaborates with other researches, not only from Spain, but also from numerous countries around the world, including France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Britain, Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Norway, China, Morocco, Canada, USA, Venezuela and Argentina.
  • Eladio Linan, Javier Alvaro and Andrey Zhuravlev are three of the twelve elected members with voting rights, and Jose Antonio Gamez is a corresponding member of the International Subcommission of Cambrian Stratigraphy of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS).
  • Eladio Linan has been coordinator of the Department of Basic Sciences in the Advisory Council Research of Arag贸n.
Facilities and equipment:
  • Research Laboratory of Palynology and Paleobotany
  • Invertebrate Research Laboratory.
  • Digital photo lab.
Technological Offer/Services:

Scientific photography.


Dr. Enrique Villas Pedruelo
Responsable del Grupo

Department of Earth Sciences

Faculty of Science

Proyecto Murero
Dr. Eladio Li帽an

Dpto. Ciencias de la Tierra

Facultad de Ciencias


Other members